RIBB Redesign Update 2


June 15, 2011

First I would like to say thank you to everyone who took time for the survey. I started RIBB literally in the basement of my house in 1997. I started it using a Desktop PC and a dial up modem. That machine stayed connected to the internet via that dial up modem 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since then we have moved from the basement to a dedicated hosting company and soon we will be moving again. This time to one of the premiere hosting companies in the world. But before I undertake this move I needed to make sure I knew where things stood.

I know you probably feel like I do and that’s like the site has stagnated. Honestly it has. Many of the people who helped me start the site and supported the site are no longer in the industry. This is why I decided that the best way to reach out to you is through a survey and start asking the questions that I felt needed to be asked.

The response to the survey have been overwhelming. Normally if you can get a 10% response rate to a survey then its considered a success. I’m happy to say that the response rate to the survey is close to 50%. That number is outstanding. Taking the last three months logs into account, RIBB averages 300 unique visitors per month and we had 147 survey responses. This time of response has help energize me to got upgrades and changes to the site rolling.

My intention for this website has never been to make money. This site has been run out of my own pocket for the majority of the 14 years it has been online. This is not a complaint, their have been many offers to assist with the website. I have also offered sponsorships in the past but lacked the time to keep the sponsorships rolling. Looking forward there is a lot of work to be done. By profession I’m not a web developer nor am I a software developer. But that doesn’t mean I can’t get the job done. I would like to start a fund raising campaign to get RIBB back into top notch shape.

The goal for 2011 is $5,000.00

To make donating easy I have setup a donate button through Paypal you can use this Donate button:

If you are a company and would rather issue a check you can always send me an email at rayseals@gmail.com and I will give you the necessary information to have that check issued.

Click the survey results link to look at what you and others thought about RIBB: survey results. I will have additional information in the coming weeks. Thanks again, Ray Seals