RIBB Redesign Update 3

October 15, 2011

Things have been moving along with the redesign of RIBB.  I know it's been about 3 months since the last update and I'm sure many have wondered what's been happening with the project.

The redesign can be broken down into 5 basic steps:

1.  Figure out what is really used and what isn’t:
2. Update Layout
3. Move/Improve ITCS and other Memo related areas
4. Fix Broken Links
5. Redirect Traffic to new site and new hosting

Step #1 - What we keep and what we pitch

Back in May I put a survey to ask those questions.  What do I keep and what do I throw away.  The answers at first seemed clear but as I started digging into it, things weren’t as clear cut as expected.

I will start off by saying that all the data on the current site will be kept in some way shape or form.  It might not be on the website but I will archive it somewhere.  I have a feeling that once I say this thing is done and release it to the world, there will be something that someone feels is important that will needed to be added to the site later.  The take away here is, just because you don’t see it does not mean it’s deleted forever.

Now back to the story, I have made the complete survey available for everyone, but if your normal you didn’t look at it.  Don’t blame you.  If you did look at it, well now I have some similar un-normal people to talk to.

The question on what keep vs dump had 4 different responses.  Those responses were Very Important, Important, Neither, No Important, Never Looked at it.  So the categories Very Important and Important are easy to understand, those responses would fall into the Keep bucket.  The Not Important and Never Looked at it would fall into the Dump bucket.  So what do you do with Neither?  So I decided to take the Neither and split it in half and give the half to keep and the other half to dump.  Here is the results of that:

Based on these results very little would change in the amount of content that would be presented.  But even if we removed the American Bureau of Shipping, The White House, EPA Groups and Marc 2000 the percentage by which those failed to make the cut would tell me that they may have to be brought back anyway.

The other way to look at the results is if you took the Neither results and put them in the dump bucket.  If a person doesn’t care either way, then they should care if it’s cut.  Here are the results of that methodology:

Now this makes it a little more interesting.  Now I know we can’t cut ITCS and IRCA memos so we need to put those back in.  I’m not sure how the RIBB Knowledge Center still makes the cut but it does.

So here is what I decided to do.  I’m really not removing anything from the site.  I will just focus in fixing the links and the content we already have.

Step #2 - Update the Layout    

I’m just going to organize it differently.

We now have 5 main categories for content:
Under Operations we have:

So you see that makes a little more sense in the whole scheme of things.  If you want to check out a little bit more of how things are being laid out you can visit the development website at http://dev.ribb.com

Step 3. - ITCS and other Memo related areas

…. I will address this one in the next update ...