Sep 2012

Lock Queues

Just to let everyone know, the COE is phasing out the Omni Report. Lock queues can now be found at

Making progress

So…if you are looking at this then that means I have changed to point to this new server.

I have all the userid’s from the old server loaded on the new server. The ITCS memo system is about 90% functional. I should have that cleaned up in about 4 days. Then I will start working on how to upload all the old ITCS memos to the new system. That part isn’t a show stopper. I just need to make sure I have a good backup of all of them.

Update to Weather Tab

Weather tab has been upgrade. This is basically just a map of the river with major cities or locations of significance along the way. You see a satellite view of the river with cloud overlay. Put your mouse on the pin top to see the location and click the pin to go to it’s National Weather Service website for additional information.


Hey everyone, just a quick update. We are now running the development site on the new hosting service. I will be importing the old ITCS, RIAC, Coast Guard, etc. into the new system.